Working With Your Natural Rhythms

August 10, 2020 3 min read 4 Comments

Most people want to “feel good” every day, but this is unrealistic. Life is a series of ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. We fight against this, trying to control the waves of change and inconsistency. But…….there’s a better way to approach the natural rhythms of life.

The first is acknowledging that nature is comprised of many cycles, which we can embrace, learn from, and use as a guide. 

The Monthly Cycle

As young women, our monthly cycle provides the perfect example of this natural ebb and flow. In the first part of our cycle, our bodies create an environment that will sustain life. We are typically more focused on creating outwardly at this time. Mid-cycle, normal hormonal changes cause us to crave intimate connections.  And, if we don’t become pregnant, we shed the ability to conceive this month, becoming more internally focused and often needing to rest and restore as we literally end this cycle.

As we move into and beyond menopause, we can use the signals from nature, which mimic monthly and annual cycles. For example, as the moon waxes and grows bigger during the first phase of the cycle, we can embrace all that we’d like to bring into our lives. As the moon wanes, we can set an intention to let go of anything that no longer serves us. We can also use the moon as a guide for the best times of the month to be focused on creating out in the world or internally.

Annual Rhythms

Each year we also experience natural rhythms. While we tend to be aware of the four seasons because of the weather, paying attention to the yearly cycles can be a profound guide to your own energy levels. Much more than whether you need a coat or umbrella today, each season has a purpose and a reason. We plant in the spring, cultivate in the summer, reap our crops in the fall, and allow our fields to lay fallow during the winter.  

Similarly, we are more productive at certain times of the year and want to hibernate during others. And while we may want to maintain a certain level of activity, we are not machines, which is why we are called to rest and restore from time to time, especially in the cold, dark months. Some people mark the years when they set New Year’s resolutions. Others mark the time by their birthday and set goals then.

As the earth orbits around the sun each year, the zodiac also gives us interesting insights into the annual cycle of the 12 astrological months. The word zodiac means “circle of animals” in Greek, and as we travel through the year we experience 12 different kinds of energy. For example, the first month of the astrological calendar is Aries, and it ushers in new-year energy. Each month also corresponds to one of four elements—earth, wind, fire, and water—which can affect our health, mood, and energy levels.   

Embracing the Cycles

 If you want to work with nature and better embrace these cyclical changes, decide whether you will honor an annual cycle, a monthly one, or both. If you choose a monthly cycle, working with nature’s rhythms is as easy as looking into the night sky. If it’s an annual one, determine the start and end of your calendar year, whether that’s January 1st, your birthday, or another milestone.





Look at your year in total. When will you push forward? When will you rest and restore?
Now that you know how nature supports you as you move through cycles, what will you do to honor this connection?

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Melissa Laughlin
Melissa Laughlin

August 24, 2020

Extremely useful information here. I’m naturally drawn to honoring these cycles, but life distractions often make me forget to stop and see where I’m at in all the specific cycles I like to follow. So thank you for writing this article to remind us.


August 16, 2020

This sounds very interesting and helpful. I knew about the moon cycles but hadn’t considered the others until now.

Sharon smith
Sharon smith

August 16, 2020

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August 13, 2020

It is my great joy to live on an island. While walking on the beach right on that line that connects the land to the sea I breath with the ebb and flow of the gentle waves. It is an rhythmic heartbeat and ecstatic merging of the divine masculine and feminine. It instantly centers me and brings me in Union with Creation.

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