Amata Life by Dr. Christiane Northrup Affiliate Program


Thank you for considering the Amata Affiliate Program.

 What is the Amata Life Affiliate Program?

If you have a website and an email marketing program, you can post an ad or links to

When you introduce a customer to Amata Life through a link from your site or email, and a sale is made, you will earn a commission on that sale.

For a period of time following that initial sale, each subsequent time your introduced customer makes a purchase at Amata Life, you likewise will earn a commission on those sales.

Your customers will have access to the full line of Amata Life products.

 How does the Amata Life Affiliate Program work?

Through email marketing to your customers, and ads placed on your site, you simply need to introduce your customers to Amata Life.

When a sale is made through an introduction by you, you earn a commission on that sale, and on future sales from that customer for a period of time.

All orders are shipped from Amata Life’s fulfillment center, and there is nothing more that is required from you after the sale is made.

Once a month we recap all of the sales from your introduced customers, and send you payment for your commissions, accompanied by a statement.

 What types of sites and email programs work best?

Sites that focus on women, healthy living, natural products, alternative medicine, fitness, exercise, and beauty and skin care typically are very good.

Sites that communicate to their female audience via email are likewise good candidates for the Affiliate Program.

Amata Life is selective in its choice of Affiliates, and will determine its best partners partially through evaluation of their websites, the number of monthly page views, and the size and frequency of their email communication.

 How do I become an Affiliate?

First, download and fill out an application by clinking on the following link: Download Application and save it to your computer before completing it.

Second, fill out the application, and then save the completed application on your computer

Third, send it via email and include it as an attachment to, with subject line:  Affiliate Application.

We will review each application and notify as promptly as we can.

 How much commission can I earn, and for how long?

A generous commission is available on all product sales generated by customers introduced by you, and typically covers their initial purchase and subsequent purchases over the next 6 months.