Is Pueraria Mirifica Plus safe to take if (fill in your personal health concern here)?

Everyday we receive many questions about whether or not our product is appropriate in individual cases. And nothing would delight me more than to be able to answer these questions right here on this page.

But here’s the rub: If you are asking about a disease or condition that afflicts you, I can’t. Even when I have the right data and the science to back up my answer.

Why? Because Pueraria Mirifica Plus is a dietary supplement and this product is not intended for the cure, mitigation, or treatment of any disease. The only thing I can legally address here are the claims on our labels.

And that is why, when you ask about a specific health concern, I have to advise you to “Please check with your doctor before starting this supplement if you have any health concerns.” Not the answer you were looking for, I know. But there you have it.

In Great Health!

Dr. Christiane Northrup

General FAQ’s

We cannot respond to individual questions because every situation is unique. We strongly recommend seeking the advice of a medical professional before undertaking any health regimen.

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We strictly follow all regulations regarding the shipment of products intended for personal use to countries outside the U.S. We recommend that you contact your customs office to inquire about customs duty and import regulations.

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Our supplements are made to our specifications here in the U.S. in a facility which is FDA registered, produces Pharmaceutical Quality supplements — the same standards used for pharmaceuticals, and complies with cPMG (Good Current Manufacturing Processes) standards

Great care has been taken to choose ingredients that are safe, useful, and beneficial to their intended purpose. For more information about individual ingredients, you may find the following site helpful: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

There are many resources that can be found on the internet concerning Pueraria mirifica. The company that manufactures and owns the patent for Puresterol also has a website, by that name, that provides a great deal of information, as well as a large amount of research that has been conducted independently. Note that Amata does not own or take responsibility for the content on such sites, and is merely providing this information for the benefit of consumers and their medical professionals seeking more information.

Product FAQ’s

Amata products are not tested on animals.

Our product is labeled: “For Relief of Menopausal Symptoms.” If you are still experiencing symptoms, then the answer is “yes.”

In Dr. Northrup's book, The Wisdom of Menopause, there is an entire chapter on herbal approaches to menopause. In addition, there is a section on bioidentical hormones for those who require them. She states in the book that it is not "either / or", and the choice, as always resides with the individual. Pueraria Mirifica has a characteristic as a potent phytoestrogen, which works very well for many women. The choice as to what to do, and what to take, always resides with the individual, her physician, and what feels right to her. We advise you to check with your physician before making any changes in your hormonal regimen.

We advise you to check with your physician before making any changes in your hormonal regimen.

Until you have gone through a period of one year from the last menstrual period, you are not through with the menopausal transition. And unexpected bleeding - even after months of no bleeding is very common. It often comes out of the blue as hormone levels rise and fall naturally. The herb Pueraria Mirifica is traditionally known to be moistening, revitalizing, and moisturizing to the uterine and vaginal tissue. It is also known as an adaptogen - and as such is moistening and nourishing to the hormonal system-- which can result in a change in menstrual patterns.

There are no nano-particles in any of our products.

We recommend you speak with your physician regarding this question because your personal health is known best by you and your doctor. Linked hereis the summary of an article regarding Pueraria mirifica from the publication Menopause. When you reach this summary, you will also find links to other articles to the right of the summary. This link is made available for you to provide to your physician or other health care practitioner for their evaluation in providing advice to you. These articles are for professional use only and not represented or intended for any other purpose.

All of the ingredients in PM Plus have enjoyed many years of effective use. It is a nutritional supplement, not a drug.

Most women do not experience this, but some have on occasion. For those that have, vaginal dryness and lack of lubrication is often associated with the thinning of the vaginal lining. This is common during perimenopause, after childbirth, and during times of stress. Until the cells of vaginal lining are restored to their resilient state, almost anything that comes in contact with the vaginal lining can feel uncomfortable and may elicit a burning sensation. For this reason, you may wish to start your healing process with a very small amount of our non-warming Amata Life Vaginal moisturizer the first time. Then build up slowly over the next week or two. Because Pueraria mirifica results in rejuvenation of the vaginal lining, you will find that the burning sensation goes away within a week or two of regular use as your vaginal tissue thickens and heals. Once this happens, you may want to begin enjoying our warming version.

The kelp is sourced from the Atlantic Kelp Company, and is sourced from the Atlantic Ocean.

This supplement should not be taken while pregnant or nursing. We advise all women who are pregnant or nursing to check with their physician regarding any supplements they are considering.

Each capsule, or single dose of Pueraria Mirifica Plus contains .05mg of iodine.

Our products are gluten free and do not contain soy or yeast.

No, our products do not contain parabens.

PM Plus contains a number of ingredients that have %DV established by the FDA, and are shown on our labels. It is possible that other supplements you are taking may also contains the same ingredients. Each person's body will ultimately communicate the correct dose for them, by how they feel. We recommend reducing the dose to once per day and see if that changes how you feel. As always, any regimen should be discussed with your personal physician.

Our products do not contain phthalates or sulphate.

Panax ginseng is a plant, and its root is used in the manufacture of herbal remedies. Ginseng has been used for more than two thousand years, and today, approximately 6 million Americans use it regularly. Panax ginseng is used by some to help cope with stress and as a general tonic for improving well-being. It is sometimes referred to as an “adaptogen” when used in this way.

Butea superba is a vine grown throughout Southeast Asia. Its root is used in the manufacture of herbal remedies, and has for hundreds of years been viewed as an herb that can aid in maintaining sexual health.

Gotu kola is an herb grown in Asia, and its leaf has been used in traditional Chinese herbal remedies for hundreds of years, often helping improve lack of energy.

The root of the Pueraria mirifica plant has been used for more than 700 years in Southeast Asia by both men and women. The root has long been known for its powers of “rejuvenation” and increased energy. It is well known that both men and women make the same sex hormones in their bodies— but at different levels that affect male and female tissues differently. Just as the potent phytoestrogens in Pueraria mirifica, miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, can help relieve the many symptoms of menopause in women, those same substances can help protect prostate and over-all sexual health in men.

Absolutely not! Other firms may contaminate their supplements illegally with these types of drugs, but PM Plus for Men by Amata would never do so. PM Plus for Men is a natural approach to men’s sexual health, and only contains the 4 quality herbal ingredients listed