Is It Me…or…..My Hormones?

May 15, 2022 2 min read

Women often ask their doctor: Is it me or is it my hormones?
The answer is…..Yes!
It’s not one or the other.
You are your hormones, and your hormones are you.
There’s no distinction.

Dear Christiane,

Some women say they don’t recognize themselves at various times of the month or life cycle, as if their hormones make them into someone they are not. Many go to their OB/GYN when they are in perimenopause hoping that their hormones are the reason for their irritability, brain fog, and hot flashes, and hoping that hormone replacement therapy can “fix them.”

They don’t recognize that their health—at literally every stage of life—is impacted by many factors.

Yes, hormones, sometimes called chemical messengers, direct certain processes in the body. And yes, fluctuating sex hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, can affect how you feel, and explain why you feel differently than you did before you began skipping periods.

But other compounds including sugar, vitamin D, stress hormones, and brain and gut neurotransmitters (like serotonin) affect a woman’s health, well-being, and mental outlook as well.

Your thoughts and emotions come with their own chemical messengers, too. For example, if you believe you are destined to age and become decrepit, your body will create this reality for you. Add in poor lifestyle habits, like lack of sleep and proper nutrition, and suddenly you have an environment where poor health can take hold—regardless of whether your sex hormone levels have changed.

At Amata-Life, we “meet” many women who believe that their health is beyond their control. We understand their frustration while believing that these women have missed an important connection. Their hormones have not run amok; rather their thoughts and emotions have come to the surface to be addressed because this is an important way to heal.

Instead of looking for something “out there” to blame, take responsibility for what you are doing to cause how you feel. Then take positive steps to improve your health.

Holistic lifestyle changes like eating a low-glycemic diet, getting enough sleep, getting enough exercise, meditation, and supporting your hormones naturally with Amata Life’s Pueraria Mirifica can help you feel better and feel more in control.

Here’s to you—all of you—feeling your best at every stage of life!

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