The Three Best Things for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

October 25, 2021 2 min read

Do hot flashes make you wonder if you’ll ever feel like yourself again?

Perhaps for the first time in decades, you are unsure how to dress. Burning hot one minute….shivering the next… flashes and their “first cousin” night sweats can be very disruptive, affecting your sleep and peace of mind.

Even though hot flashes are so common that roughly three in four women experience them, the medical community hasn’t fully determined what causes them. Doctors and researchers know that when the blood vessels in the skin of the head and neck open more than usual, called vasomotor flushing, it causes a rush of warm blood to flow to an area.

They also know that hot flashes and night sweats can be related to changes in neurotransmitters, caused by falling estrogen levels, affected by rising follicle-stimulating hormones (referred to as FSH levels), which control ovulation, and exacerbated by stress.

Lorraine wrote to us asking if Pueraria mirifica (Latin for miracle making) could address the root causes of her hot flashes. While the root cause continues to be a mystery—and since ripping off your clothes in public isn’t an option for most—we suggested she consider these 3 ways, which have been shown to provide relief from hot flashes and night sweats. All are safe, natural, and work with your body.

1. Make minor changes to your diet.

Lorraine loves hot foods such as peppers, chilis, cinnamon, and cups of hot tea. When she approached menopause, she noticed that eating these warming foods would trigger a hot flash. Now she chooses cooling foods and those with high water content, like fruit and raw veggies, and avoids caffeine and alcohol, which are warming and dehydrating.

2. Manage stress.

Researchers have shown that anxiety and stress can negatively affect many aspects of your health. It raises cortisol and epinephrine, hormones that spike blood sugar, increase inflammation in the body, and leave you feeling wrung out. Knowing that midlife comes with its own unique stressors, Lorraine cut back on sugar, too, when she changed her diet. 

After a few weeks, her hot flashes had diminished in frequency, duration, and intensity. Plus, she woke less frequently from night sweats. As she enjoyed better sleep, Lorraine had more energy and started to feel more optimistic.

3. Supplement with Amata Life’s Pueraria mirifica (PM).

Used throughout southeast Asia for more than 700 years, Pueraria mirifica is a unique adaptogenic herb known for its many rejuvenating benefits. PM contains phytoestrogens (which occur naturally in many foods like flax seed), which literally support the body’s natural ability to be in balance. Specifically, phytoestrogens help the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone to work in harmony with your body during the menopausal transition and beyond.

Not all Pueraria mirifica is the same and, to obtain the beneficial effects of PM, it is important to ensure that the supplement you choose contains the correct bioactive compounds, miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, in the correct strength.

Although a nuisance, hot flashes and night sweats, like all menopausal symptoms, are a sign that you are transitioning to a new phase in life.Take time to embrace this change with enthusiasm and excitement. The years after menopause can be the best years of your life.

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