Ultimate Skin Health Moisturizing Cream & Hydrating Toner Value Package

Save $30.90 when you purchase together both of these innovative skin care products designed to be used together for wonderful, healthy looking skin.

Ultimate Skin Health Moisturizing Cream

The most innovative new skin care product in more than a decade! Years of research and rare ingredients combine to help you achieve beautiful, healthy looking skin. Moisturizes, hydrates, and helps to develop barrier protection for skin.

  • Puresterol®, Olivem 1000, cherry kernel seed oil and Niacinamide are but a few of the ingredients in this exclusive formulation.
  • Great for use after cosmetic intervention to help heal.
  • Wonderful for use around the eyes, and especially with dark circles.
  • Helps to prepare skin for prescription retinoid.
  • $99.95, 2 fl oz, 59 mL
  • Directions: Cleanse skin, then hydrate with our Hydrating Toner and press the moisture into the skin on face, neck, and décolleté. Apply a pea size amount of our Cream to the tips of your fingers, then apply. Finish again with a spray with our Hydrating Toner. Test a small amount before using.

Hydrating Mist & Facial Toner

Our pure Natural Rose Water with Puresterol® will help your skin hydrate, revitalize and re-moisturize at any time of the day & night. The perfect compliment to our Ultimate Skin Health Moisturizing Cream.

  • Natural Rose Water, distilled from steam generated from rose petals and Puresterol®.
  • Helps to cleanse pores of dirt and oil.
  • Tones & refreshes
  • $39.95, 4 fl oz., 118mL
  • Directions: Lightly mist cleansed skin and gently rub moisture into skin. Follow with our Ultimate Cream, and finish with another gentle mist. Test a small amount before using.

These 2 products are perfect additions to your daily beauty regimen, and for a limited time, you can save more than $30 over their individual purchase price when bought together

Regularly $139.90 if purchased separately
Now only $109.00, and you save $30.90!

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