Amata Life Facial Toner

Help your skin hydrate, revitalize and re-moisturize at any time of day or

night. Perfect as a light mist directly onto cleansed skin, and can be used at night before
bed, and also as a make-up setting spray.

Known since antiquity, the Rose centifolia, or "Rose de Mai" is a hybrid rose that was originally cross-bred in Holland, then in France. Its full and aromatic flowers, from light pink to brink pink, produce a smooth floral scent, sweeter than that of the Damask Rose.

The Rose centifolia is especially known for its purifying, refreshing and balancing
properties. It helps to refresh, cleanse, sooth, and tone the skin.

Pueraria Mirifica has for centuries been valued by Asian women of all ages wishing to
retain and restore their youthful appearance.

Hamamelis Virgiana (witch hazel) is a wonderful astringent and can be helpful in dealing
with non-inflammatory skin conditions.

Directions: Shake bottle. Holding the bottle 10-12 inches from the face, lightly mist
directly onto cleansed skin. Can you be used at night before bed, and anytime during the day to refresh and moisturize. Can also be misted onto cleansed and slightly damp skin anywhere for a light hydration.

  • Made in the USA
  • Verified and identified for content and authenticity
  • Does not contain wheat, dairy, soy, or artificial dyes.

As with all cosmetic products, keep away from children.

4 fl. oz., 118mL.

  • 4 fl oz. / 118 mL
  • Made in the USA