The Amata Story

Wellness Care for Ageless Goddesses

"Getting older is inevitable. But aging is optional." – Dr. Christiane Northrup

Every woman deserves to have a health span that matches her lifespan. At midlife, you get a second chance to change course if you need to…and give your body what it needs to thrive.

Amata Life offers you solutions that represent everything that can go right with a woman’s body—at every stage and every age.

Instead of seeing natural changes in your body as:

  • A disease that needs medication, or
  • An incurable condition that must be endured…

Amata Life offers you a better option—the support and self-care that enables you to live as your happiest, most fulfilled and confident self.

Awaken your Divine feminine with Amata Life

Amata Life was born from Dr. Christiane Northrup’s crusade to show what’s truly possible as we grow older. She’s transformed the popular perception of menopause from one of dread to what it truly can be: the most empowering and pleasurable phase of a woman’s life.

As part of her journey, Dr. Northrup discovered Pueraria Mirifica…and life was never the same. A colleague who had worked for decades in the field of natural medicine in New York City shared this ”Miracle Maker” plant extract with her back in 2007 - all the way from Thailand. – where he had moved years before to study the amazing properties of this plant and facilitate its introduction to the world.

Little did Dr. Northrup know she’d made a life-changing discovery that would benefit her and thousands of other women. She was so thrilled with her results, she’s been using Pueraria Mirifica ever since, and has shared it with all the closest women in her life—including her mother and sister.

Now you, too, can enjoy this miracle maker plant’s life-changing and youth-restoring benefits.

“Amata”, derived from the Thai word for “ageless,” is now a way of life thousands of women like you are enjoying. Amata Life brings you innovative products that incorporate Puresterol®, a patented extract of the miracle-maker Pueraria Mirifica root, to make ageless living a reality.