Getting Older


If you're like many people, you wonder what your health will be like as you get old. Will you feel ageless, embrace every transition, and continue to live a full, healthy life? Or do you expect to slow down, have chronic medical issues, and lose the vibrancy you once had? 

You may be surprised to learn....

...that the Law of Attraction plays a big role in your health and longevity.

The Law of Attraction works like this: Your deepest beliefs create your circumstances. If you believe you're going to slow down, have a hunched over posture, and end your life in a wheelchair, chances are this will happen. 

This programming, which is in place by the age of 11, runs in the background......and most of the time you're not aware of it! Let's say both your grandmother and mother gained weight at midlife, which they carried around their bellies, and became less attractive. Without realizing it, you may expect - subconsciously - your figure to change in the same way and to become more sedentary at the same time of life. 

This is important because while your mind may tell you its important to eat right and exercise regularly, if the scale doesn't move and your body isn't more toned it's likely your thoughts  - such as "It's hard to lose weight and get in shape after menopause" are affecting the outcome. do you know what you believe?

Look for clues in your life.

Start with your family. Although you are tied to your family by genetics, your environment and lifestyle—where you live, how you eat, who you spend time with—affect your health, especially long-term.

How did your parents grow older? Did they develop ailments, have weight around their middles, take a lot of medicines, or have to change their day-to-day routines because of health concerns? Or did they continue learning new things, have active social lives, and live healthfully without a lot of medical interventions? How long did they live? What were they like in their 70’s, 80’s, and beyond?

What clues do you see that could be running your programming?

Think about your friends and the people you spend time with the most either at home or at work. Answer the same prompts. Consider your role models and mentors. What patterns around growing older do you see?


Now think back to when you were in elementary school. What can you remember about your impressions of older people? Did you think 50 was old? Or was it 60, or 90? Did you plan to retire one day? And what did “retire” mean to you?

Do you think you're old now?

What does "old" mean to you?

As you look for clues in your life, listen to the words you speak about getting older, too. Are you complaining about senior moments? Do you say phrases like “Well.... at my age, what do you expect?” If so, you may expect to lose your memory and to have to restrict your activities. With a little detective work, you can identify what programming is running in the background.

A little more awareness can make a big difference in how you grow older. Since the Law of Attraction creates your life based upon deeply held beliefs, be mindful of the things you say, the people you spend the most time with, and the decisions you make that impact your health.


If you don’t like the trajectory you’re on, it’s never too late to change the outcome by updating your beliefs.