Hydrating Mist & Facial Toner

Pure Natural Rose Water with Puresterol®

Help your skin hydrate, revitalize and re-moisturize at any time of day or night.

Our pure Natural Rose Water is a direct byproduct of the manufacture of rose essential oil. When rose petals are distilled to create rose essential oil, the steam generated makes its way through the rose petals, releasing the essential oil. The remaining water, which still contains some rose essential oil, then cools, and becomes Natural Rose Water.

Rose Water often is utilized as a gentler option in beauty and skin care, and is prized for its ability to help hydrate, cleanse and revitalize the skin. Rose Water is all natural, alcohol free, and does a wonderful job of balancing the skin’s pH.

Puresterol®, which is the patented compound extract of the Pueraria mirifica plant, has very unique properties that benefit collagen and the plant has been an essential part of a woman’s daily beauty ritual for hundreds of years in the Far East.

Now for the first time, these 2 wonderful natural products have been combined exclusively by Amata Life.

Our Hydrating Mist is a wonderful addition to your daily routine and can:

  • Hydrate, Revitalize & Moisturize
  • Help Cleanse Pores of Oil & Dirt
  • Tone & Refresh
  • Help To Set Makeup

Directions and Uses

Skin Care Applications:

Holding the bottle 10 -12 inches from the face, lightly mist directly onto cleansed skin. Follow with a facial serum at night. Wonderful for use also as a makeup setting spray. Use anytime during the day to refresh and moisturize.

Body Care Applications:

Add to warm bath water and soak for up to 30 minutes. May also be misted onto cleansed and slightly damp skin for a light hydration

For external use only.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Store in a cool, dry place and avoid storage in direct sunlight.

Test on a small portion of skin for first time use and discontinue if redness or irritation

  •  4 fl oz., 118mL
  •  Manufactured in the USA in a registered facility.