Amata Life Pueraria Mirifica Plus 30 day liquid

A game-changing way to alleviate the symptoms of menopause every day, based on ancient remedies and the wisdom of women’s bodies

Make Amata Life’s patented supplements a part of your daily health regimen and join the “mind/body revolution” of menopause. Finally, there’s an option for easing the symptoms of menopause that doesn’t treat it as a problem to be fixed or come with risky side effects. Women throughout Southeast Asia have safely used the root of the Pueraria mirifica plant to help retain and restore their youthful energy for 700 years.

Taken every day, Amata’s Pueraria Mirifica Plus Liquid with Puresterol®, an exclusive patented extract of Pueraria mirifica, helps relieve the symptoms of menopause so that you can take full advantage of this opportunity for rebirth. The liquid has a cherry flavor and many women add the drops to juice or other beverage, which does not impact its effectiveness.

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  • 60 mL; 30-day supply. Take 1 mL (20 drops) twice daily. Can be added to water. Each dose supplies 100 mg of Puresterol ® along with kelp extract, vitamins B6 & B12, Folate, selenium, and biotin.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Verified and identified for content and authenticity
  • Does not contain wheat, dairy, soy, or artificial dyes
This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    How to store the liquid form?

    Hi, It's too early for me to give a rating, I only just started taking the liquid form. It tastes awful but I am willing to continue.
    How should I store the open bottle?

    Thank you for sharing. The liquid can be stored at room temperatures and avoid excessive heat or freezing. Admittedly the liquid form of our supplement has a taste that is not to everyone's liking, however it is the personal favorite of Dr. Northrup! Many women mix it with a bit of water or juice. But if the taste continues to be an issue, please contact customer service at 800-760-9090 or via email at We'll be happy to exchange it for the capsules. Thanks.

    Love but I am getting headaches

    I LOVE this product - my mood is 10000 times better and my skin and sleep are as well.. BUT I get these dull chronic headaches and I don't know what to do because I really dont want to stop taking this supplement.. Any suggestions - maybe i should switch to pill form? Thank you..

    Except for the water in the liquid emulsion form, the ingredients are identical. We've had no reports of headaches and can't imagine what is causing them. If you believe the product is resulting in a headache, some women have adjusted the dose, sometimes reducing it for a bit as their body adjusts to the product. If that doesn't help, we'd suggest stopping the product to see if you feel better. Good luck, and do hope your experience improves. .

    Lots of Energy

    I've been impressed by how my energy level has gone up the past few days! I feel really good however I'm getting bad headaches that are hard to get rid of. I want to keep taking the drops but don't want the headaches:(. Will these headaches subside after using awhile?

    We've not had any reports of headaches, but possibly it is due to your hormones being balanced. Make sure to continue to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Please let us know how you're doing. Thanks.

    So thrilled!

    I am 48 years old in post menopause for a couple of years. I was taking something else that worked for a year and then stopped and all my symptoms came back. My hair stylist told me about this product and it’s worked way better than what I was taking before. Not only has it controlled my hot flashes and night sweats, but I lost 8lbs in just a couple of months because I finally got my energy back! My metabolism seems to be working like it did prior to menopause which is a huge blessing! And my vagina no longer feels like sandpaper during sex. I’m so happy I was introduced to this product. Yes it tastes bad but it’s so worth it to me. I just chase it with water. No biggie.


    it would be great if you would add pay pal as a payment option. thanks.

  • Supplement facts
    Ingredients Puresterol (Pueraria Mirifica), Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL), Folate (as L-Methylfolate Calcium) Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin), Biotin, Selenium (as Selenium A. A. chelate), Ascophyllum Thallus extract, Vegetable Glycerin, deionized Water, Natural Flavor.
    Title Pueraria Mirifica Plus
    Type Liquid
    Measure 60 mL